What to Buy at Bombay Bazaar, According to a Local Chef

After Bagga Satnam and his family migrated to Colorado from New Delhi, India, in 1994, they purchased a 1,500-square-foot space in Aurora. There, Satnam opened an Indian market called Bombay Bazaar with the goal of bringing the flavors of his homeland to the Denver metro area. Nearly 30 years years later, the shop has expanded to 46,100 square feet and has become a go-to for cooks seeking everything from rice and lentils to frozen meals and cookware.

Madhavi Tandon—a chef-owner of three-year-old Maia Foods, which offers prepackaged Indian meal kits and home-made ghee, biscotti, and spice blends—discovered Bombay Bazaar in 2005 while searching through the yellow pages for an Indian market to shop for ingredients for her family.